Saturday, November 24, 2012


You realize that she's settling for you, right? What do you think an "open relationship" is? She was keeping her options open while at the same time stringing you along and then she decided to settle. I can think of few things that are more disrespectful to another human being, especially from someone claiming to be in any sort of relationship with him.

It's so obvious she doesn't respect you. She doesn't respect anyone. All she cares about is what people can do for her and nothing about what she can do for them in return. That's how self-centered she is.

But let's be honest. You don't respect her either. If you did, you would have accepted "No" for an answer and left it at that. But you didn't which speaks volumes about your own selfishness. Not to mention the fact that you always knew she would come crawling back after every time she broke up with you. All you had to do was wait. This also speaks to your complete lack of self respect. Anyone with an ounce of self respect wouldn't have put up with her mind games and her "come here, go away" attitude.

The more I look at your relationship, the more I see it as based on mutual disrespect. I also think that one of the reasons she's even with you is because you're one of the few men she's met who has lower self esteem than she does.

That's the main difference between you and me. I respect myself too much to allow myself to be used by her. I told her that I felt used by her and that I'm not willing to put up with it anymore. Once she knew that, she ended what was left of our friendship, which just goes to show that she wasn't a friend anyway. Once she knew that she couldn't use me anymore, she threw me away because she has no respect for other human beings or anyone that can't do things for her. She's a user.

You're probably still thinking that I'm jealous of you. I certainly am not. Because in order for me to be in any sort of relationship with her, I would have to seriously lower my standards... and I'm just not willing to do that.

I used to think that she was too good for you... now I realize that you could do a lot better if you actually felt that you deserved it. Apparently you think you need to suffer to be in a relationship. Why else would you put up with all of her abuse and bullshit?

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