Friday, January 15, 2016

Apart Building Lawn Litter

Dear Building Management,

It would appear that some of the tenants are discarding food on the front lawn.

There are no wrappers and some of this stuff looks like it came straight from a frying pan. It's also too far from the sidewalk to lay blame at anonymous pedestrians. It's also a short throwing distance from the building itself.

If the food was always in the same general area, one might deduce its origins from the balcony of a particular 2nd or 3rd floor unit. But we've seen the food all over the lawn.

So, either one tenant is trying really hard to get some distance between themselves and their food waste―with the added benefits of strengthening their throwing arm and casting suspicion onto their neighbors―or having a balcony is just too easy a temptation to chuck food off of. Especially if there's just a lawn below you and not a parking lot (we have not noticed any food waste in the parking lot... Outside of the dumpster anyway.)

I'm no master of deduction, but if I were to guess who the perpetrators are, I could only narrow it down to at least two people residing in any of the West-facing 2nd and/or 3rd floor units.

Just wanted to let you know and perhaps request that tenants be reminded that the dumpster exists and chucking food waste onto the lawn is just gross.


-Joe Puente


Some kind of fried cheese?

A baked good (perhaps bread or a cookie)

More of that nasty cheese stuff.

Bread and cigarettes... I don't usually combine the two.

Bread with some sort of condiment?