Thursday, March 25, 2010

E-mail sent in response to a survey by the National Right to Life Committee


Subject: Candidate Survey

To whom it may concern:

I received your candidate survey in the mail this morning and--despite mentioning aspects of legislation you support that I agree with--I have decided not to answer it. I found the questions to be severely biased and obviously designed to elicit answers that serve your movement's agenda.

I used to work in marketing research and I'm very familiar with the tactics, insinuations and nuances of language that I read in your survey.

I have posted an essay illustrating my thoughts on the abortion issue to my blog. You are free to read it and make of it what you will though I think I can guess how you will label me based on the rhetoric in your survey and that used by your proponents.


Joseph L. Puente
Independent Candidate
for US Congress