Thursday, May 22, 2014

I've been working

May 21, 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hi Dad,

I got your message when you called. Sorry it’s taken me so long to
get back to you. I’ve been pretty busy.

I worked on that movie I told you about for two weeks as a
Production Assistant. It was really hard work because we were trying to
complete about a month’s worth of work in about 12 days. I remember
saying to someone on set, “I wish my Dad could see how much physical
labor is involved in making movies.” You have to move around a lot of
heavy equipment like large lights and various metal stands, set them up
for the shot, adjust them, take them apart and then move them to the next

We were filming in Brighton near the ski resort so we also had to
contend with the snow which meant shoveling and we were also doing a
lot of work outside so we were hiking through the snow as well, again,
carrying equipment from place to place.

There was one scene that we were filming were our actors from
Los Angeles had to race in the snow. Well, since the change in elevation
between L.A. and Brighton was around 8,000 feet, it was really hard for
them to run and they got tired very easily. One thing that I noticed as the
crew moved to the new location was that nobody remembered to bring
water with them. So I grabbed some bottles of water, put them in my
coat pockets and made my way to the set. When I got there, the director
was still telling the actors what he wanted them to do so I stood by and
as soon as the director was done giving his instructions, I said to the
actors, “Gentlemen, I’ll be standing by with bottles of water for you as
soon as the director says cut.”

Since this was a relatively small production, I basically took it
upon myself to take care of the actors whenever I could. Checking on
them to see if they needed water, something to eat or something carried.
I also usually have some chap stick with me and I heard one of the actors
behind me say, “I need some chap stick.” I turned around, reached into
my pocket and brought out a new chap stick and said, “I’ve got you
covered.” He was very grateful for that.

It was a rough couple of weeks but I’m really proud of the work
we did and what we accomplished in that time.

My girlfriend, Danica, and I have been going to church together
and trying our best to have a regular monthly temple date. We usually go
to the Bountiful Temple. We also have dinner with her parents from time
to time and try to have Family Home Evening together.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been organizing a lot of
papers, photographs and other items that I’ve collected over the years.
It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I hope that I can
show it to you some time. As I went through boxes of things I’ve held
onto since I was a little kid, I started to sort them out and organize them
according to the different places we lived and how old I was. Most
everything is now organized in binders and pretty much sums up my life
from when I was born to my time in the Navy. I still have to organize the
things I have from the last 15 years.

A lot of this organizing is with an eye toward my future with
Danica. We’ve been talking about getting married—though I haven’t
officially proposed yet—and I’m basically reorganizing my apartment
and my life to make room for her. We already spend so much time
together that there won’t be too many surprises for us in the long run. I’ll
be sure to let you know when I pop the question and what our plans will
be after that.

Take care!



Joseph L. Puente

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